Celebrate Our 4th Anniversary!

It is amazing how far we have come! Come, celebrate our 4th Anniversary with us by reading our new releases and old releases from long ago!

Much thanks to Evil Flowers and Random Scans for jointing up with us over the years. You’ll see that they contributed to a bulk, perhaps a majority, of our releases. Without them, there would undoubtedly be less manga to share with you guys.

Of course there is the staff of SDS to thank for the shaping of this group. Without each member’s contribution, SDS would have nothing to offer. Please read the credits and acknowledge all the staff that had a part in making your manga reading experience lovely.

Finally, we must give all of props the mangakas who created the masterpieces that we found worthy of our time. Make sure the love you have for their manga translates back into a physical form by purchasing your own digital or print copy of the manga if you are able.

Thank you, readers for 4 fun years of scanlation and manga!

[April 15th/16th/18th] Brave 10 Volume 8
\\ act 44 \\ act 45 \\ act 46 \\ act 47 [END] \\

[April 16th] Hirunaka no Ryuusei Volume 5
// day 31 // day 32 // day 33 // day 34 // Cookie Girl Cream Boy //

*P.S. I’ll have a reflection on the ending of Brave 10 later if anyone is interested.


hola-bean’s January *pay pay*

Not-so-sexy manga shots of what I bought from YesAsia recently 8D

In order of appearance (Top-Down, Left-Right)
(1st Picture) Hirunaka no Ryuusei by Yamamori Mika Volumes 7-8
(2nd Picture) Front covers of P to JK by Miyoshi Maki Volume 2, Kanojo ga Inakunatte by Robico, BoyxMeetsxGirl by Robico
(3rd Picture) Back covers of previously mentioned manga

Are any of these potential projects? Whoooo~ Knoooows~