News for You, Retirement for Us

Hello SDS readers!

Clearly, there hasn’t been any activity here. SDS will retire by the end of my summer (End of September). Anything that the remaining staff and I get done is what’ll get done. After that, I might…

  1. give whatever materials are left to our staff members who want it
  2. post download links to them on this blog, so that whoever wants it can take it
  3. not do anything

DCMA have been copyrighting some of our releases. So far it’s Hirunaka ch.2 and 5 that have taken the hit. (in the past, it was Brave 10). I will not reupload those files or future files that get copyrighted. Fortunately, they’re joint projects, so you have other places to download those files.


Anyway, I’ll put a list of things that we have left that we may or may not finish.

  1. Hirunaka no Ryuusei volume 6
  2. Dreaming Cat Varim chapters 6-8
  3. Chotto Edo Made chapters 9-12
  4. Sukitte iwaseru Houhou chapters 9-10 (?) and maybe some of the rescanlations

Soukai Kessen will be officially dropped, since we have no translator.

33% Off Yen Press Sale at RightStuf!!

Yen Press is highly known for their publications of manga, manhwa, and light novels! They also do a lot of original graphic novel adaptations of other novels. Check it out, they have a lot of pre-orders available so that you can buy in bulk if you’re the patient type.

I personally get most of my manhwa from them because they do a gorgeous job with them. Currently, I purchase Soul Eater NOT!, Yotsuba&!?, and the Sword Art Online Light Novels from YP. Also, I’m looking forward to the new series illustrated by my favorite manhwaga, Kim HeeEun!!

Series that I’ve bought in the past from Yen Press include: Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning (manga), Chocolat (manhwa), Very! Very! Daisuki! (manhwa), 13th Boy (manhwa), Moon Boy (manhwa), Legend (manhwa), and Pig Bride (manhwa).

Yup, so anyway, I hope you guys buy something if you’re interested in any of YP’s licensed or original titles.


VIZ 3 for 2 Manga Sale at Barnes&Nobles!!

Here’s a little promotion…

Just click on the picture and it’ll lead you to the Barnes&Noble page where you can see all the print titles that are on sale. VIZ has a huge collection of manga that every reader would probably be interested in! So support the authors you love and buy some tanks if you can! If you buy $25 or more in items at B&N, you get free shipping (US customers only, I believe)

And if it wasn’t enough, RightStuf is ALSO having a VIZ manga sale, 33% off! Almost the same kind of deal, but a little bit better on one aspect and little bit of a pain in another haha. You can get free shipping with a $49+ purchase I believe. But the sale also includes a lot of Pre-Orders (stuff that will come out later in the future this year) B&N is limited to the manga that comes out by the end of their promotion.

VIZ Media is also having a huge digital manga sale for those of you who can’t afford the shipping costs or just prefer a digital copy for your tablets/phones/screens.


Enjoy and go manga shopping this season!!

If there are any other countries or areas that are having manga sales and you’d like to share the awareness with us, just drop a comment, links, and information about it in the comment section.



Dreaming Cat Varim Episode 6


Here you go!! The new arc for DCV. This and future releases are long overdue haha. Enjoy =]

(Download the PDF here)

I’m using a different laptop right now, so everything is going to be a little different from usual, until I get back to my old laptop.

P.S. More chapters of Hirunaka got copyrighted by DCMA. As I said before, I will not be reuploading any of them. There are plenty of files floating around the internet, so you can probably look around and find it.

Brave 10 Reflection and the Future

My personal first response to finally finishing the scanlations for Brave 10 was, “Yes!!! Freedom!” And then it was like, “Wow, that was a pretty long journey.” But even more so, “There’s no way we could have finished this series alone. Thank God for RanScans and all the SDS volunteers who spent their time to work on this series.”

This series is the longest one we’ve managed to put on our complete list. What an accomplishment…

Now… more about the actual series. I was kind of surprised by how it ended. But then again, there comes the realization that it wasn’t supposed to end there. Brave 10 was supposed to keep going, but a switch in magazines ended it and gave birth to the sequel. You see, I have the first three volumes of Brave 10 S among other Brave 10 goods. (There are also scanlations of it, but I haven’t read those.) I was thoroughly confused. So… there you go! I actually don’t have much to say about this series.

What I do need to say about it is that SDS is planning NOT to scanlate the sequel (even though we were originally.) It will be left to the Brave 10 staff from both SDS and RanScans who are in Easy Going Scans now to decide if they can and want to work on the sequel. [Keep reading below the image for the "Future" talk.]

If you don’t know already, Random Scanlations has decided to return to its roots with Easy Going Scans. Now I must share a bit of the future of SDS with you guys too =] First of all, we’re going to finish scanlating Hirunaka no Ryuusei volume 6 and stop there. As you all know, other fans have been scanlating it much faster than us and EF. For both of our groups, we have come to terms that HnR is saddenly becoming more of a burden for us than a joy (as it used to be.)

It might be a while before we release any of our other titles because of university in particular. So… don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything until maybe mid-June!