[Adopt-a-Project] I’m Selling My Manga Tanks!!

I’m just selling tanks, so if you want to buy them for your personal reading pleasure or take ’em apart and scanlate them. Whatever, they are at your mercy if you buy it. All tanks are in Japanese.

If you’re interested in buying anything (or everything), please email me at: the.emailed@gmail.com
The method of payment will be through Paypal.

Terms of Shipping for all items: I will pay for the shipping costs if you live in the United States.
If you live outside of the U.S., we can negotiate all of the prices over email.
If you buy in bulk, I’ll give you a discount on everything~

 DSC00579Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou v.1-9 [complete] — $45
Author: Nagata Masami (known for Love Catalog, Shout!)
Condition: The first 6 volumes have been taken apart and the last 4 volumes are still intact. They are all beautiful still.

DSC00583Narukou Animal Club v.1 — $5
Author: Fujino Emi
Condition: Like new.

DSC00580Hoshikuzu Crybaby [one volume anthology] — $5
Author: Watanabe Kana (known for Mashikaku Rock, Hana to Rakurai)
Condition: Like new.

DSC00584Saredo Hito itoshii [one volume anthology] — $5
Author: Nakahara Aya (known for Lovely Complex, Berry Dynamite, Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai)
Condition: Like new,

DSC00582Boy X Meets X Girl [one volume anthology] — $5SOLD!
Author: Robiko (known for Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Himikoi)

DSC00581 Kanojo no Inakunatta v.1 [complete] — $5SOLD!
Author: Robiko (known for Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Himikoi)

[Selling] FREE TANKS if you pay for the shipping

I have some tanks that I used for scanlating, but I want to make some room in my bookshelves for more manga or just… books. The condition of the tanks are most, if not all, pages are ripped out. Other than that, all the pages and covers still look pretty darn fine. Why would you want a tank that’s been taken apart? I don’t know, to color? To make some cool craft? To have the art around? So the deal here is, if you can pay for the shipping of the tank(s), I won’t charge you any additional costs! =D

If you’re interested in taking anything (or everything), please email me at: the.emailed@gmail.com
The method of payment will be through Paypal.


Game Over [one volume anthology]
Author: Mizutani Fuuka
Scanlated by Silent Dreams Scanlation

Love Com TWO preview

Lovely Complex TWO v.1 [complete]
Author: Nakahara Aya
Scanlated by Matteiru Scans

OJL preview

Ootagawa Junjou Lovers v.1 [complete]
Author: Ozaki Akira
Scanlated by Matteiru Scans

Hirunaka no Ryuusei (rest of v6)

HnR september 2014

Thanks for over four years of fun, you guys! Here’s pretty much our last release ever as SDS. (I find it funny that, HnR pretty much ended before we could end ourselves.)

Technically, there’s still Sukitte Iwaseru Houhou and Chotto Edo Made left, but I’ll probably never get to those and just transfer them to other interested groups. Or just post the translations like I have with DCV. Also, I’m selling some fancy tanks.

Hmm… as for some sort of farewell speech…? Nah. Just, goodbye! Thank you awesome staff members over the years, you were all a blessing!

Download the New Old Chapters of HnR at the EF Website!