2nd Anni = Mass Release!

Note: Give us the rest of this week to get all the links fully up and stuff haha XD It’s a bit chaotic right now.

WHY HELLO THERE! Thought we were gone for good? 8D Well, the SDS gang were just preparing a MASS RELEASE in honor of the group’s 2nd Anniversary! Hooray! (Not to mention, we selfishly asked our joints to go along with us for the ride too; you have no idea how much effort THEY put into this releasing on our Anniversary… it’s tear-jerkingly fantastic.)

Thanks for waiting so patiently, we all hope you guys enjoy and appreciate the effort that went into this because we’re not doing this again until maaaybe, next year?? Haha, I’ve also subtly typed something random in place of the normal “Read Online” links, but it’ll still take you where you wanna go.  Comment?

JOINT WITH EVIL FLOWERS (you already know how awesome they are)
Hirunaka no Ryuusei Day 1: PNGs || Better thank Sapphire097 for cleaning up a storm and x5ga from EF for the QC
Hirunaka no Ryuusei Day 2: PNGs || exquisitexp from EF conjures up a gorgeous scripts

JOINT WITH RANDOM SCANLATIONS (the staff there are such bossessss)
Brave 10 Act 27: JPEGs || PNGs || thank goodness Shen is here to typeset
Brave 10 Act 28: JPEGs || PNGs || mittens_220 and tstar from RS team up to make rainbows…

Rappi Rangai 43: JPEGs || PNGs || Nic is the best, you guys, JUST SAYING.

TRADE WITH NAYUKI_LOVE (kind of, this was in return for our editing AnI)
Muramasa #10: JPEGs || PNGs || CoolMod from NL translated this last year…

Chotto Edo Made Chapter 5: JPEGs || PNGs || Mitsuki, forever your typesetting…<3

Dreaming Cat Varim Episode 2: JPEGs || PNGs || nayoung98 taking out some of her time to translate~

Muramasa #11: JPEGs || PNGs || Cros, you da’ bomb translator.
Muramasa #12: JPEGs || PNGs || yuki1008chan cleaning EVERYTHING~!

12 comments on “2nd Anni = Mass Release!

  1. Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary and thank you very much for all the releases, hope to see you keep going. Thanks a lot :)

  2. Happy anniversary…YAY….2nd…may you last for 100 years.
    Releases…thank you very much for them(now going to read them all).
    See ya….BIG KISS and HUGS for everyone.

    • Sorry it’s not the best quality, but here’s to hoping you can make due with it, haha. It’s quite long overdue and we’re just happy that you were looking forward to it! =]

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o(^o^)o
    Yeah, I’m late… But better late than never, right? *I hope so*

    By the way, thank you soooo much for Hirynaka no ryuusei releases! I love you all!

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