Brave 10 Chapter 30

This is very short “chapter” or dosage of Brave 10 =] But certainly it’ll make you smile with all it’s subtle connotations and Random Scan’s lovely TL and PR comments, hurhurhur. This is the first release using the scans that Nic and I bought, SOOOOOOO it’s gonna be awesome sauce 8D~!

I’d like to add that there are some pretty deadpan FUNNY facial expressions in this short chapter and it would be fun to share what you thought were some good ones. As you can see, Saizo’s “UHHHH”and Isanami’s “Whatdidyoujustsay” faces are my favorites.

As usual, and NEVER FORGET: mittens_220, tstar, yuki1008chan and Nic‘s work and time put into this and many other chapters of Brave 10 ;] Random Scans is awesome, I mean, their subtitle says it all when you visit their site. Small note here: remember, RanScans needs a JP translator to finish off the last bits of Rappi Rangai and other coolsauce projects, so if you could help out… that’d be sweet.

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9 comments on “Brave 10 Chapter 30

  1. Thank you so much! I’ve only just started reading Brave 10 (since I watched the anime and really liked it), and pretty much read everything you’ve scanlated within the last 48 hours, so I just wanted to say: you guys really do high quality work! Thank you!

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